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Ayurveda, the ancient holistic medical system, is rooted in achieving mental and physical harmony with nature. It is the treatise related to health and treatment, providing comprehensive knowledge to enable one to lead a happy, productive, and healthy life. Unlike specialized Western treatments, Ayurveda aims to eliminate the root cause of ailments, ensuring permanent cure rather than suppressing symptoms. It embraces all healthcare disciplines and places emphasis on developing the immune system to prevent disease.


Colour Mirrors, founded by Melissie Jolly, is an energy system, a vibrational tool which uses the vibration of colour to connect you to your inner Self, wherein all the answers lie. Colour bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight to the root of the issue.



The whole Universe is Light and Sound. Every atom and molecule is in constant vibration and has a frequency, a sound. Using the right sounds can enable deep cellular healing to occur and changes your internal vibration.



Alka runs various workshops in various locations

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