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Why choose Life Centred Healing?

Reconnect...Rebalance…Revitalise...Live Life Lovingly

What is Life?

Life includes Love, health, vitality, fun, joy, movement, abundance, exuberance, laughter, zest, stillness, peace, strength, equanimity, radiance, awe, creation, connection, balance, harmony in relationships and environment, embracing the shadow, feelings, compassion, unity, increased vibration, consciousness, presence, self-awareness, freedom…and the list continues.

Life Centred Healing enables reconnection, rebalance and revitalisation so that you live the Life that you yearn. My aim is to provide a genuine holistic and sensitive service to enable you to reach your potential.

My Qualifications:

Before turning to the alternative field, I worked as a solicitor in family law for over 25 years. This experience proved invaluable in helping me to recognise the hidden trauma that can take place.

Colour Mirrors:

Colour Mirrors demonstrates that the answer to any issue is within us. Colour is a language of the Soul. Colour bypasses our conscious mind. Our bottle choices lead us to find solutions which would not readily be available to us by our thinking mind, enabling life changes. Colour Mirrors spirals us out of blocked emotions and areas that we are stuck in, empowering and healing all at once and raising our consciousness so that we fully reach our potential and live life joyfully.

I am a Practitioner and Teacher to Practitioner’s level. Completing courses in Advanced Colour Combinations, Colour and Numerology and Colour and Astrology have increased my intuition and knowledge of the system. Attending a number of  Starlight  workshops with Korani and workshops facilitated by Melissie Jolly, founder of Colour Mirrors have deepened my connection .

I facilitate Colour Mirrors workshops, including bespoke workshops.


Sound has been described as “the medicine of the future” - Edgar Cayce (1877-1945 ). I am a Sound Practitioner and also completed an Advanced Sound Practitioner course with Suara Sound Academy including the Trauma Energy Release Technique, Atlantis Healing, Stellar Gateway and Pain and Body Acoustic Intelligence. I also facilitate sound workshops.

"Alka, you are a wonderful example of someone willing to walk their talk." Korani, Author of The Language of Light.

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