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An Experience Of Colour Mirrors Practitioner Course

I am posting a testimonial received from Claire Etchingham, whom I trained as a Practitioner in 2018.  “My only word of caution is prepare for massive shifts in your life. This started to occur when I committed to doing the practioners course a few months before it started. Life happened as it does and many dormant and supressed emotions came to the surface. The time had come to overcome it and live my best life. The course carved out the time needed to focus on my limited belief system in a kind, compassionate and safe environment. The colour system is truly fantastic at getting to the root of unseen issues fast. It also provides the support to overcome all obstacles and also provides a new foundation for your best life. I did the Colour Mirrors Practitioner course with Alka last year. This lady is a born healer and has found her life’s work in Colour Mirrors. Teaching comes effortless to her as she is so aligned to the energies. To share in her experience is a gift you give yourself. Alka is non-judgemental and open, a truly genuine lovely person. With that said, she will never drop an issue until it worked through completely. She is firm but fair. The issues that show up in the course no one can plan, they show up in divine timing to be healed. There is no hiding from them. Alka patiently holds your hand (metaphorically) so you feel brave enough to face anything and you know you are not doing it by yourself. The course was full of tears and laughter, but most of all love. Alka creates a unique unparalleled environment where your soul can go to heal. I cannot praise her enough. I feel truly blessed to have her as part of my life. One year later and effects of Colour Mirrors continues to be felt! Life is a new and magical place. It was not an easy journey but a necessary one. Thank you Alka and thank you Colour Mirrors!”

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