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Colour Therapy

Colour Mirrors, founded by Melissie Jolly, is an energy system, a vibrational tool which uses the vibration of colour to connect you to your inner Self, wherein all the answers lie. Colour bypasses the conscious mind and goes straight to the root of the issue. Your Soul guides you in your choices because it knows which issues you are ready to work with.Colour Mirrors is precisely that: each bottle you choose mirrors back to you what lies within.


You are able to see the totality of what you are: your unconscious patterns; the hidden saboteurs which silently run your life; your emotions; your health; your well being and also your potential and the way forward to the life you desire. You are empowered to make your own choices and release what is not your true Self. This energy system assists the body to make the necessary changes, creating almost effortless healing and leading to a remembering of our true state:  I Am.

Each bottle has its own meaning and vibration. When you meditate with,  bathe or massage the oils onto your skin or breathe in the scents of the spritzers, the message of the colours seeps through your cells. This ignites a process of cellular level clearance and transmutes those issues you have been blocking or resisting at some level.

Colour Mirrors uses colour, energy and light to assist with:

•    Unlocking and enhancing your potential and empowerment
•    Discovering your life purpose
•    Opening to joy and freedom
•    Releasing and overcoming blocks
•    Accelerating your growth and healing
•    Developing self-belief and self-worth
•    Guiding you on your path and your Ascension journey

Colour Mirrors session (up to 1 hour) - £80
Colour Mirrors Soul & numerology reading (up to 1 hour) - £80
Chakra balancing with Colour Mirrors and mini reading - £80
(up to 1 hour).                                                                     
Individual bottles - £39 each


A sound & colour therapy session with Aka is an enlightening & enriching experience, where you will be invited into a beautiful healing space that will give you the opportunity to connect in with your inner being, which will reveal to you where you are at present, & what you are needing for healing & awakening to your true self.

Throughout each session, Alka is patient, thoughtful & fully present, ever ready to guide & intuit with her varied & extensive knowledge of colour, sound & symbology, while never rushing the process.

Having a one to one session with Alka is like being enveloped in a warm, healing bubble, & each time I have left feeling lighter, softer-hearted & more centered for the experience.  Thank you, Alka for all your wonderful work you are guided to share. - HAZEL xXx

Amazing! Every time I have had a reading with Alka I have had huge insights. I have felt that I have been seen, heard and acknowledged for my gifts. I have received so much clarity in so many areas of my life. This has been a real lifeline for me.  - MARK

Alka, thank you for your time, space and dedication. What an insight! You are a really wonderfully kind, loving and compassionate lady and passionate tutor. I am so blessed to be part of Colour Mirrors-they are everything to me, trustworthy and show me the way to my real authentic Self.  - CATHERINE

Alka gently and insightfully guided me through a Colour Mirrors reading to bring clarity, resolution and peace to a difficult situation. Her instincts were on point and her manner non-judgmental, which allowed me to talk freely and openly. Thank you Alka.   -PRASANTHI

 I had a wonderful reading with Alka which helped me to understand better what was causing me concern. I was really struck by the accuracy of the Colour Mirrors system. It is astonishing how picking and placing the bottles can present a picture of what is going on inside of me, which I had not even acknowledged to myself.  I wanted to learn more and then attended Alka's workshop on 11th November 2107 and I am so glad I did. I received so many good things, the wisdom and insights from Alka's brilliant guidance and the subtle messages of the colours I had chosen, all that and the group dynamics brought much clarity and understanding to me. Thank you Alka for holding the space so beautifully for us all. -ULLI

After a Colour Mirrors session with Alka, I gained clarity about my life path, whereas previously I had been in confusion. I also felt empowered and confident to make the changes to meet my desired outcomes. What I had been resisting was brought to the surface and so could not be avoided by me. The session was non-invasive and yet the choices and solution before me were clear. This is a very powerful process. Alka was sensitive throughout and I felt supported.  -VISHALI

I had a1:1 Colour Mirrors reading with Alka, which was accurate and provided me with a different perspective about what was going on in my life and where I wanted to be. The insights received were amazing.
Some months later, I had a Skype reading with Alka. The most fascinating part of the reading for me was when Alka used the spritzers for healing at the end, bearing in mind this was a video Skype reading. As the spritzers were sprayed at the webcam I could not believe how I could actually feel being spayed through the computer screen and experience different sensations from each spray. First a very cold breeze followed by warming heat in different areas of my body, I also saw flashes of colours as I closed my eyes. As for the Colour Mirrors bottles themselves I was asked to pick ones that I was drawn to - ones I liked and disliked. This then presented an extremely accurate reading of different aspects of my life. I definitely recommend a Colour Mirrors reading and spritzers healing with Alka.  - KEVIN

Thank you so much for a wonderful session Alka. WOW!!!! Is all I can say. Thank you for your love and support, for being so patient and kind. Makes all the difference.  -CATHERINE

Alka immediately put me at ease and knew instinctively which bottles I needed to balance my chakras, and the questions to ask to find the bottles that would help to heal me. I felt something had shifted but was not sure how at first. But gradually over a few days, things cleared and I felt so much better. Thank you Alka. I highly recommend you.  -JULIE

I felt so much better, with a clearer mind and focus. Lovely reading and very clear. I knew exactly how and which areas of my life I could change to bring forward the life I was searching for. I highly recommend Alka to get back on track with life.  -SAPNA

Since meeting and working with Alka as my Colour Mirrors practitioner, my life has changed for the better. My spiritual journey has been moved to a whole new realm. I have gained insights into my life, which were not readily available to me. Highly recommend. -CLAIRE


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