Sound Therapy

The whole Universe is Light and Sound. Every atom and molecule is in constant vibration and has a frequency, a sound. The tuning forks are used on and around your body and chakras, sending waves of sound to all your organs. By really listening to the sounds of the tuning forks from the moment they are struck to the very last sound made, the nervous system is calmed and you relax into presence and healing. Sound therapy is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance: one vibrating object causing another to vibrate in harmony with it. By raising or maintaining the frequency of a healthy cell, the dis-eased cell will be overshadowed, enabling healing. Using the right sounds can change your internal vibration and enable deep cellular healing to occur.


The prescriptive sound therapy includes the Clear, Cleanse Balance tuning forks and in addition tuning forks from the Chakra range and the Sacred Solfeggio range, which may enable your cells to be freed gently from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns and limiting beliefs. Sound and Acoustic Intelligence targets specific areas of pain to release at root level. Trauma Energy Release and Atlantis healing is at a very deep level including past life traumas. The Stellar Gateway is a high vibrational healing which can bring a wholeness to your being in allowing the return of parts that have been lost or distorted through the vicissitudes of life.

The benefits of Sound are:

• Renewed vitality and sense of well being

• Lighter mood

• Awareness of self and others

• An increase in focus and concentration

• Restful deep sleep

• Inner deep peace

• Stillness within

• May sharpen hearing and listening



Sound and Acoustic Intelligence (30 minutes ) - £40

Tuning Forks -clear, cleanse, balance (up to 1 hour 15 minutes) -  £60

Tuning Forks-clear, cleanse, balance and prescriptive - (up to 2.hours) - £80

Trauma Energy Release - £80

Atlantis healing - £80

Stellar Gateway - £120

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