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Sound Therapy

The whole Universe is Light and Sound. Every atom and molecule is in constant vibration and has a frequency, a sound. The tuning forks are used on and around your body and chakras, sending waves of sound to all your organs. By really listening to the sounds of the tuning forks from the moment they are struck to the very last sound made, the nervous system is calmed and you relax into presence and healing. Sound therapy is based on the principle of sympathetic resonance: one vibrating object causing another to vibrate in harmony with it. By raising or maintaining the frequency of a healthy cell, the dis-eased cell will be overshadowed, enabling healing. Using the right sounds can change your internal vibration and enable deep cellular healing to occur.


The prescriptive sound therapy includes the Clear, Cleanse Balance tuning forks and in addition tuning forks from the Chakra range and the Sacred Solfeggio range, which may enable your cells to be freed gently from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns and limiting beliefs. Sound and Acoustic Intelligence targets specific areas of pain to release at root level. Trauma Energy Release and Atlantis healing is at a very deep level including past life traumas. The Stellar Gateway is a high vibrational healing which can bring a wholeness to your being in allowing the return of parts that have been lost or distorted through the vicissitudes of life.

The benefits of Sound are:

• Renewed vitality and sense of well being

• Lighter mood

• Awareness of self and others

• An increase in focus and concentration

• Restful deep sleep

• Inner deep peace

• Stillness within

• May sharpen hearing and listening



Sound and Acoustic Intelligence (30 minutes ) - £40

Tuning Forks -clear, cleanse, balance (up to 1 hour 15 minutes) -  £60

Tuning Forks-clear, cleanse, balance and prescriptive - (up to 2.hours) - £80

Trauma Energy Release - £80

Atlantis healing - £80

Stellar Gateway - £120

I have received a number of sound healing sessions with Alka. After the first session  I felt a lot less tense in my body, more grounded and completely at peace. I slept so well-I had  one of the most restful sleeps I've had in a long time. I felt  like blocked energies had lifted and I definitely feel the overall benefits in mind body and spirit. Alka has been so kind, sensitive and professional throughout the whole process. Her deep empathic understanding and intuition when engaging together also helped in the healing process. Thank you Alka. - JACQUI

I have had 7 sound sessions to date with Alka. Alka has a beautiful, gentle but powerful energy and I felt safe to be in her care and was able to relax. I really appreciated Alka's gentle approach (incisive too!) and the care that went into choosing the frequencies to give me the best benefit. This is definitely one of the most profound healing treatments that I have ever experienced. I feel very together , peaceful and strong. – ELAINE

I have had a few sound healing sessions with Alka and post treatment I am feeling balanced, happy and totally chilled out. Feeling very positive and clear and good about life. Alka made me feel very relaxed and I relaxed even more because I had complete trust in her. It felt a very professional treatment and seemed to flow effortlessly. What an amazing therapy! - JULIE

The sound therapy session was SO effective! During the session I felt relaxed as if lightworkers were clearing my whole body. After the session I felt alive, rejuvenated and renewed. I now feel energised and light; a floating energy; an easy energy and grounded on Earth. Thank you Alka. – CLAIRE

A sound & colour therapy session with Aka is an enlightening & enriching experience, where you will be invited into a beautiful healing space that will give you the opportunity to connect in with your inner being, which will reveal to you where you are at present, & what you are needing for healing & awakening to your true self.

Throughout each session, Alka is patient, thoughtful & fully present, ever ready to guide & intuit with her varied & extensive knowledge of colour, sound & symbology, while never rushing the process.

Having a one to one session with Alka is like being enveloped in a warm, healing bubble, & each time I have left feeling lighter, softer-hearted & more centered for the experience.  Thank you, Alka for all your wonderful work you are guided to share. - 

I felt surrounded in peace and stillness as I entered the healing space, feeling very much at ease. I found my session with Alka very calming, relaxing and balancing. I know many will benefit from her wonderful tuning fork skills, amazing Colour Mirrors bottles reading and beautiful energy. Thank you Alka.- HAZEL

I have had a number of sound sessions with Alka and what a profound experience!  I feel very relaxed now and much clearer. I feel very grounded and centred and not worried any more. I feel and recognise a lot of change in myself. I feel more empowered, much less fear. I feel a new level of being seen, heard and appreciated which has facilitated the increased feelings of empowerment. I feel more gratitude, more confident and more in my heart energy.-  ALAN

Before the sound session, I felt tired, exhausted and weak. After the session, I felt more of my life force come back. I felt more energised. There was a lot less pain. I felt very calm and relaxed and was able to walk around and work, which is a real blessing. - KIRAN


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